We are open and love accepting a challenge. Unlike most, we will make an attempt to burn any logo onto the leather. There will be some instances where we will have to put a substantial effort into getting your logo to work on a laser. If that is the case, we may ask for a small logo enhancement fee.

We use 100% Genuine, veg tanned full grain leather for our hats. Seeing that our leather is not made by the hands of man, this causes every piece to be slightly different and will most likely have "character". We do, however, ensure there will be no tears, scars or any other unsightly defects on your patch.

We try our best to convey the colors of hats, patches and threads. Your view of these may be different due to screen settings. If the hat is vastly different than what you believed you ordered, or for whatever reason you are genuinely unhappy with the hat, we are happy to replace it at no cost. We want to make sure you are 100% pleased with the product and have it last for generations.
We currently inventory all colors and styles of hats offered. The only reason we would not have a color is if the hat is sold out globally as we purchase from dozens of vendors daily. If that is the case, you will not be able to select the hat color from the drop down. Feel free to ask about an expected wait time on those colors.

By providing us with an image, we assume you have either created the image or own the rights to that image.