What is the processing time? And when will I get my order?

The current processing time is 3-4 weeks for hats and patches, and we suggest expecting another week after that for your order to arrive in the mail. We ship USPS for most orders, and UPS for larger bulk orders.



Do you do bulk orders? If so, what discounts do you offer?

Yes, we do a lot of bulk orders in all products. For the bulk discount and corresponding coupon code, see the item description for the product you are interested in purchasing. Prices fluctuate, so we only provide a percentage off opposed to giving a price per unit. If you are looking to place a bulk order on an item that is on sale, please see the FAQ below titled "Bulk Discounts and Sale Prices"



When will I see a proof of my order?

All orders now receive a proof. Your proof will be sent to you via Email. You can get a proof as early as the same day you ordered, or it could take up to a week.



Returns, Cancellations and Exchanges

We do not accept returns on custom items, simply because we cannot resell the product or do not feel right reselling an item that a customer may have already tried on. However, we are always willing to work with anyone in getting a product you love. This policy also applies to exchanges.

We allow cancellations within the first 48 hours after your order was placed. Although the processing time can be long, there is a lot of work going into each order beginning a few days after it was received. But again, if something comes up later in the process, we are happy to work something out with you if possible.



Bulk Discounts and Sale Price

If we are offering a sale on an item and you are purchasing an order that qualifies for a bulk discount - the higher of the two discounts will be used. We don't stack both discounts on top of each other.



Prohibited Artwork and Customization

No degradation of God, Jesus Christ, or glorification of satan, the occult, or demonic worship of any kind. No profanity, nudity, glorified drug use (Cannabis shops okay), excessive violence, racist statements or depictions. No direct references or innuendos to abuse or trafficking of children, or any person. Finally, no references to animal abuse or neglect.

These are just examples. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any sale where the content falls within this list, or is otherwise deemed offensive.